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Helpful Links & Frequent Questions

We have a variety of resources linked below to help with all your skin care needs. We have also provided a list of answers to frequently asked questions that can help you make your dermatology decision.

What is a skin check and how should I prepare for mine?

A skin check is a close evaluation of your skin from head to toe, primarily looking for skin cancer. You may use your usual moisturizers on day of exam.  Light makeup is ok.  During your appointment, you will be given a gown and asked to remove your clothing to complete your exam.

I am having a procedure today; should I do anything special prior to my appointment?

If you are scheduled for any sort of procedure in our office today, please eat a normal meal before the visit.  Shower or bath the night before or day of, to make sure the surgery site is cleaned well to reduce risk of infection.

Today, I am being seen for a rash, should I apply my medicine?

If we are seeing you for the first time, please hold your topical medicines on the day of your appointment.  You may take all other oral medicines prescribed.

I will be coming in for my rash, does it help to bring my creams?

Yes, if you are worried that your rash is an allergy to something you have used, please bring all skin care products and topical medications used recently.

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